about us

With greater demand for modern urban living comes the need for development of smart solutions for limited spaces. This movement is exemplified not only in most contemporary architectures but also in designs at GARAGEEIGHT.

Despite our humble beginnings in a small car garage – hence the brand’s name – the designs by GARAGEEIGHT focus on smart solutions for modern urban living, without compromises on personality or quality. Our core values are functional, mobile, practical, flexible, space saving and multipurpose.

The choice of furniture is, as well, a very personal choice. Many of our original ideas come from our own daily lives – when we see a problem or potential for improvement, we try to solve it in the most elegant way. The result is that our furniture becomes a more integral design element in spaces and can be spatially tailored to each individual taste.

We keep things simple. What Leonardo da Vinci once said stays firmly in our heart: ‘simplicity as a result of a creative process, is the ultimate sophistication.’ We believe the desire for simple, functional and multipurpose pieces stays unchanged by time. Bearing this philosophy in mind, we dig into history and heritage, give them a 21st century twist through our use of materials, colour and shape.

We work with trend colours to make sure our products always stand at the front of the trend. However it is never our intention to be trendy. We are happy to stay modestly up to date.