Out of love for designs and interiors, the company was created in a little private car garage with very limited space in 2011. After living in Asia for over a decade, the founders are certainly influenced by the culture. The word for „eight“ (八 pronunciation: bā) sounds similar to the word which means „prosper“ or „wealth“. In regional dialects the words for „eight“ and „fortune“ are also similar. So it was not difficult to figure out where the company name GARAGEEIGHT comes from. Besides creating own products with designs in good values, we are also working with up-coming young designers, help them to realise their designs into practical products, which proves to be a win, win, win strategy for the designers, customers and us.

Our design principle is minimalist with a twist. Sometimes it’s the colour, sometimes material, sometimes function, because we believe, like Leonardo da Vinci once said, simplicity as a result of a creative process is the ultimate sophistication.

Through share holdings we ensure that the quality is not only our but also our suppliers’ priority.

By understanding end customers and partners such as dealers and shipping partners, we take all elements in the process into consideration, from design/production to end customers, in order to control quality and costs, so that we can offer designer products at affordable price.